About Us

We are Code the Future.

Sarah Sleiman


Sarah manages the team and is passionate about all things robotics and education! On her off time, Sarah loves traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with family.

Megha Rathi


Megha manages all of the programs and curriculum for Code the Future. In her free time, Megha enjoys all forms of dancing and is trained in Kathak, Ballet, Tap, and Jazz!

Dominic Clark


Dom is manages all program logistics and company marketing for Code the Future! In his free time, you can find Dominic with an iced coffee any time of the year!



In high school, our CEO, Sarah, was trying to find a robotics program for her local elementary schools. All of the programs were:


too logistical 

and too expensive. 

So she created and ran her own robotics program.


Everyone loved it, the students had so much fun, parents were pleased, and school administrators were thrilled. 

That's when Code the Future was born.



Educate young students so they can pursue jobs in technology.

We want to bring the latest technology to students in grades 2 through 8 in an all inclusive package that ensures that students are learning while having fun.

Meet the Mentors!

Maggie McGrorry

I am a senior at The College of New Jersey. I am passionate about teaching STEM because I love showing students what they can create with technology and a bit of creativity. In my free time you can find me making crafts!

MacKenzie Storms

I am a junior at the College of New Jersey and I want to be a fourth / fifth grade special education math teacher. I love to learn code I find learning the most powerful tool we have!

Mike Reitz

I am an alum from The College of New Jersey. I have an intense love of video games and music! I aim to be a math teacher at the middle or high school level. My goal is to end the stigma against math!

Hana Memon

I am a junior at Noor Ul-Iman School. I am passionate about computer science and artificial intelligence. In my free time I like to play soccer.

Sandy Sleiman

I am a senior in North Brunswick Township High School. I love to be creative and am always doing something at school. In my free time you can catch me watching an awesome show on Netflix!

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